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109706 One (1) Used 122" trim Crescent former Tissue Machine Trim width 3120 mm Machine capacity depending on gsm 120 TPD Speed 1450 mt/min Machine can operate fibre and recycled papers LONG FIBER LINE Bale feeding conveyor 12 mt. Manual wire cutter Wire coiling machine brand Aerothermic 30 cubic meter pulper Storage chest 120 cubic meters High density cleaner brand Kadant Refiner 25” BROKE LINE Pulper below machine Pulper impeller Pulper discharge Agitator Pump – line feeding HD cleaner APPROACH FLOW SYSTEM Blending chest 500 cubic meters Agitator for blending chest Stock feeding pump Refiner Fan pump 45.000 liters Vertical screen Krofta 200 cubic meters/hour diam. 8 mt Waste press FIBER RECOVERY AND WATER SYSTEM White water recovery pump Pulper feeding pump Service pump Various service pumps Screen FRESH AND CLARIFIED WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM Clarified water tank Filtrate tank Fresh water tank Various pumps TISSUE MACHINE Headbox 3200 mm WIRE SECTION Forming roll Wire rolls Wire guiding system Wire stretcher Wire tension measurement Doctor blade for forming roll Doctor blades for rolls Doctor blade for breast roll Cantilever beams FELT SECTION Felt rolls Felt guiding system Felt tension measurement Felt stretcher unit Doctor blades for rolls Suction box - felt conditioning Showers Tail cutter Frame and water trays PRESS SECTION Suction pressure roll Water tray for suction pressure roll Press lever for suction press roll Damping system for suction press roll Blind press roll Suction press roll 950 mm Damping system for for press roll DRYING Cut off doctor Creping doctor Cleaning doctors N.4 Blade magazine Coating shower Broke chute SHEET TRANSFER Set of foils Anti-ballooning system on reel drum Paper spreading bar Tail threading system Supports for scanner frame REEL SECTION Reel control brand D&S Reel drum 800 mm Vacuum sector for reel drum Scraper for reel drum N.5 reel spools N.3 expandable reel drums Primary arms Primary arm rotation Secondary arms Reel spool starter Reel spool brake Reel spool magazine and spool loading system Spool return system MECHANICAL DRIVE Forming roll mechanical drive Press roll mechanical drive Yankee mechanical drive Pope reel mechanical drive Reel spool starter HYDRAULIC STATION PNEUMATIC PANELS CENTRAL OIL LUBRICATION GREASE LUBRICATION POINTS WALKWAYS AND PROTECTIONS ON BOARD ELECTRICAL PLANT DRYING SECTION Steel yankee Yankee bearings and housing Steam and condensate rotating joints Heat thermal insulation GAS HOOD Profile correction Edge correction damper Insulation of hood body and cladding Hood retraction device Hood support structure Hood expansion joints Fans Burner Burner chamber Control dampers Gas pressure reducing station Ductwork Dampers Duct supports Insulation of ductwork STEAM AND CONDENSATE SYSTEM Steam supply skid Separator Steam hood Condensation pump Thermal insulation VACUUM SYSTEM Vacuum pumps Water recovery pump DUST REMOVAL SYSTEM Suction boxes Canopy hood Pulper exhaust collector Dust exhaust fan Blowing fan Recirculation pump Water recirculation system Instrumentation Manual dampers Suction boxes on-off damper Control panel Duct work Supports Silencer BOILER PLANT Smoke tube boiler brand Mingazzini 10.000 18 bar Boiler feed device Burner brand General Bruciatori COMPRESSED AIR PLANT Screw type compressor Filter and air dryer Air tanks JUMBO REELS LIFTING BEAM REWINDER Sole plates Unwind stands Slitting station Winder Reel ejecting and unloading group Shaft loading system Shaft handling system Trim removal system Trim ducts Hydraulic plant Pneumatic plant On board pre-piping On board electrical plant Mechanical drive system Control system Protection guards PIPING/ VARIOUS VALVES/FITTINGS Piping approach clow system Piping fiber recovery and water system Piping fresh and clarified water supply Piping fiber recovery Piping fresh water feeding Various piping supports TISSUE MACHINE PIPING Hydraulic field piping Pneumatic field piping Lubricating oil field piping Central grease lubrication piping Piping supports TISSUE MACHINE AUXILLIARY PLANTS PIPING Steam and condensate system thermal insulation Vacuum system Dust removal system field pipng Mist extraction system field piping Piping supports AUXILLIARY PLANTS PIPING Gas feeding piping up to boiler Piping from compressed air system to distribution panels Compressed air distribution ring for clearing Washing water distribution ring Piping supports ELECTRICAL PLANT / Medium volatge Primary distribution medium voltage switchgear Medium voltage transformers ELECTRICAL PLANT / Low voltage Multi motor drives Low voltage panels Power factor correction DC motors AC motors for drives AUTOMATION DCS Control system for rewinder INSTRUMENTATION / PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION Stock preparation UTM broke system Converting broke system Approach flow system Fiber recovery and water system Fresh and clarified water supplì Vacuum system Wet chemical system CABLES AND TRAYS Medium voltage cables/accessories/trays/supports Low voltage cables/accessories/trays/supports Signal and communications cables/accessories/trays/supports


Stock Number109706
Width122.0 in