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109157 63" Wide Deacro Duplex Slitter Rewinder Model C610B Unwind Style Shafted or Shaftless Unwind provided (see options section) Web Width 63" maximum Unwind System Separate unwind stand Roll dia. capacity: 50" Roll width capacity: 63" Roll weight capacity: 4000 lbs Pneumatic brake Roll lift from floor Automatic tension control/dia sensing TCS provides speed/unwind controls 3" Pneumatic Core Chucks for Shaftless Unwind pair of unwind chucks for core IDs of 3" pneumatically expanding bi-directional chucks 6" Sleeve Chucks for Shaftless Unwind pair of sleeves for core IDs of 6" slides over 3" core chucks (required to be purchased separately) Walk Plate Assembly mounted to back of slitter hinged aluminum tread plate for easy threading hand rail mounted to back of unwind stand Unwind Tension Control Automatic constant tension control Provides constant web tension proportional to roll diameter Ultrasonic sensor measures roll diameter Web Guiding System Digital web guide control Servo driven actuator providing 6" lateral movement Linear Bearing slides Fife D-MAX controller (or equivalent) Slitting/Draw Roll Section Slitting Station Razor and shear slitting systems available (see tooling options) Dovetail mount of both razor and shear tooling Quick change shear system (rapid change preset knife mandrels) Optional arbor mount male shaft (rapid change pre-set mandrels) Dovetail Mounted Razor Holder 25 mm wide holder Grooved Roller Assembly (63") used for razor slitting 90 mm OD grooved segments standard spacing: 1/16" (imperial) optional spacing: 2 mm (metric) (specify if preferred) Digital Positioning Feedback knife positions are stored in file recipe database operator moves knife until actual matches required position Shear Slitting System(tooling optional) Lateral movement side loads spring loaded male knife blades Male knives mounted on dovetail as standard or arbor mount optionally 2 position pneumatic lower and side load of dovetail/arbor Female shaft can roll out for quick change of pre-set mandrels Pull and Idler Rollers Pull roller neoprene coated and diamond grooved Idler rollers are mounted on frictionless bearings Aluminum or steel idler rollers available Nip Roller Adjustable pressure on the pneumatically activated nip roller Nip station isolates unwind tension from rewind tension Hard chromed is standard Rewind System Duplex cantilevered rewind system (optional lift-out cradle blocks) Rewind Diameter 24" - (with or without lay-on rollers) 3" Auto Roll Lock Differential Air Shafts 3" differential @ 64" rollface Minimum Slit Width: 3" Maximum Slit Width: Full Rewind Width 1" Roll Lock Segments includes 2 3/8" dia. base mandrel Note: For rewinds narrower than 3", the manual Roll Locks can be used instead (same price) Rewind Tension Control Microprocessor controlled programmable taper tension control Upper and lower differential winding zones pneumatically activated via transducers Rewind Reversing Operator selectable through touch screen Lay-on Roller System Six pairs of pneumatically loaded lay-on arm assemblies Programmable nip pressure controlled (saved in file recipe) Lay-on Rollers Assembly complete with frictionless bearings and mounting shaft Common or individual rollers 12 Pneumatic Lay-on Arms Included (6 pairs) To allow forward direction rewinding double the quantity of lay-on rollers for proper web path Individaully sized rollers may be required depending on the materials requirements. Lay-on rollers can be made to any size. Complete list of standard sizes available upon request Central Controller Programmable Smart Drives Operator Interface Touch screen system (Color) Displays all running and set point conditions Database management with unlimited file storage Imperical / metric is operator selectable Receiving Station Model HC610B Receiving Station 90 degree rotation on base (away from slitter) indexes to horizontal (places rolls on the same plane) pneumatic actuation optional scissor table can be used to unload to pallet Weight capacity: 800 lbs/mandrel Slitter/Pull Roller Drive 10 H.P. A.C. flux vector drive system/regenerative drive Rewind Drive 20 H.P. A.C. flux vector drive system/regenerative drive Line Speed Standard: 0-2,000 fpm Main Power 400 - 460V A.C. (+/- 5%)


Stock Number109157
Width63.0 in
Rewind diameter24.0 in
Roll dia. capacity50"
Roll width capacity63"
Roll weight capacity4000 lbs
Standard spacing1/16" (imperial)
Optional spacing2 mm (metric) (specify if preferred)
Minimum slit width3"
Maximum slit widthFull Rewind Width
NoteFor rewinds narrower than 3", the manual Roll Locks can be used instead (same price)
Weight capacity800 lbs/mandrel
Standard0-2,000 fpm